The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Christmas is always the busiest season for most choirs and DYT is no exception. Every year Do Your Thing choir members, with the obligatory festive headwear and sleigh bells in hand, entertain shoppers, families and people of all ages. December 2021 was by far the best yet!

With children from the Do Your Thing Kids & Youth Choir joining the adults, the DYT community was out in force. Their mission – to sing to their communities who had been locked down for so long, to lift people’s spirits and to spread the joy of Christmas.

The choir had been asked to perform at the Heaton Moor Christmas Lights Switch On but not only that…Liz and the kids had been asked to do the switch on themselves. Liz spoke for all the members:

“It was such a joy for us to be out again, singing and dancing in the streets after so long! That in itself was a privilege which none of us took for granted. However, when I was asked to switch the lights on, in a place that means so much to so many of us, it was truly such an honour and something that will stay with me for a long time.”

The community that had supported DYT for so many years didn’t disappoint and the streets were lined with people desperate to hear live music again, to feel uplifted again and to feel like the days before COVID changed our world.

Every single member of Do Your Thing, from the youngest at 5 through to the DYT veterans, felt the magic. The streets shone bright that day, not just from the Christmas lights, shining for the first time, but from the glow in people’s hearts, ignited by music, song and community.

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