DYT Covid Guidelines - Kids Choir

  • Please do not attend rehearsal if you or your child feel unwell or if either of you is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Parents of children in the yellow and orange groups are requested to remain on the premises during rehearsals. Parents of children in the green group can drop them off.

  • A sanitising station is available at the welcome/registration desk and we recommend that you and your child use this on arrival at, and departure from, the venue.

  • The welcome desk is located inside the entrance hall. On arrival, please register your child’s attendance with Gillian at the desk and then enter the rehearsal room with your child.

  • Parents will be directed to the waiting area which is partitioned off at the back of the rehearsal room. (Partition doors will be kept closed whilst the rehearsal is in progress.)
  • The kitchen may not be available for use so please make sure that your child brings a bottle of water with them. Toilets will be available at all times.